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Welcme to the revolutionary tool — Figma URL Shortener! It will help you shourten your ugly long Figma link into beautiful link, blah-blah...

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You don't seem to have JavaScript turned on. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This field should work, like... you know, automatically?
TODO: change “submit” button text in production!
Jack, this button should become inactive while you are fetching the URL
Can we put original file links here just in case?
the short links will appear here
isn’t it a bit empty here?
yep, let’s add some “about” stuff here
How about a fancy typeface for the heading?
omg I accidentally made it a component, how to turn it back into frame?
wow, what the hell is this?
It’s German Lorem Ipsum!
Well..... okay
Team: can you please stop writing comments like this inside a file?
There is a Comment tool for that in Figma...
Figma, hire me pls :P
Jack, can you make it so that the link will be copied on click?
Yeah, no prob.